Carrousel, Beek als Bron, Beverwijk (NL) 2008

together with Fiona de Bell, We build a 24 hours performance on a parking lot. Audience where also performers while they where sleeping dining, and at night enjoying an open air movie. We powered our own transmitter and sound system.

De-fencing, Johannesburg, (SA) 2007

Using a fens as a medium to comunicate. The fence was bench shaped to both sides so people on both sides could enjoy a nice rest. The fence wasn't a line between yours and mine but just the delicate line within a relationship.

NO IMAGE NO MESSAGE Fribourg, (CH) 2003

Together with Martijn Sandberg, I designed A bar hanging from the sealing, as a sheet of tiles forming pixels. It seas NO IMAGE NO MESSAGE, it loops around without interruption between the words and without cutting in tilles. . 

Museum Valkhof, Nijmegen (NL) 2004

exhibition furniture designed for the exhibition 52 weeks for Linda Molenaar. Furniture based on a pop-up world where coming up with a new work is nothing more than the daily returning routine of an artist.

cascoland, Oerol, Terschelling (NL) 2004

Four L-shaped units where put up as one campsite unit, closed from the outside transparent from the inside. Visitors could use one unit but because they had visual contact they had to find out how to behave.

Splash Pool Durban (SA) 2008

During the cascoland festival a trailer with a piece of a roof mounted on top was driving around looking for kids and gardens to be splashed.  The roof was covered with PVC foil and parked in areas who could use some water. The kids had to come with a few buckets of water and after a nice splash the pool could be emptied with a small hand driven pump and so watering the plant in an radius of 25 meters.